Culture VI – ‘Watch the Throne’ review

A frankly superb review of Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration album, ‘Watch the Throne’, by Wil Loesel.

“See, on a sports team, if you take one great player and add him to a team that has another, that equals two great players. Music doesn’t quite work that way. Artists don’t add on to each other, they merge and create an entirely new entity. I feel that many people had the perspective of “well Jay’s albums are great, and Kanye’s albums are great, so this one needs to be twice as good as those”. Michael Jackson couldn’t work with Prince and create an album twice as good as Thriller. Each album is it’s own artistic expression. A painting isn’t twice as good as another painting. Unlike the results in sports, musical greatness isn’t tangible.”

Read the full review here.

What do you think of this article? What do you think of the album? Is it hip-hop’s Thriller?


2 responses to “Culture VI – ‘Watch the Throne’ review

  1. hey thanks for sharing this with your readers! really appreciate it. glad you enjoyed it.

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